ARMM, Inc. offers a complete line of disposable products including:


  • MedDrain™ Thoracic Silicone Catheters

  • MedDrain™ Mediastinal Silicone Catheters

  • MedDrain™ Mono and Double Lumen Sump Drains

  • Filters

  • MedDrain™ Silicone Closed Wound Drains

  • AR125 Drain Coating

  • SuperFlow™ Insufflation Sets

  • SuperFlow™ Accessory Products

  • EndoSI™ Suction / Irrigator Probe

  • EndoSI™ Suction / Irrigation / Infiltration Tubing Sets


  The MedDrain™ product line of catheters are formulated from custom silicone. This silicone results in soft, supple, less traumatic wound drains. These drains are designed for maximum drainage and patient comfort. Closed Wound Drains are available with a 100cc Reservoir. Sump drains are offered with and without filters. All drains are available in multiple sizes and shapes for optimum applicablilty to a variety of surgical situations.

The AR125 Coating is available for our drainage catheters. This coating reduces the coefficient of friction on the drain surface.

The SuperFlow™ Insufflation product line includes filters and tubing sets of multiple configurations. The tubing is designed for maximum flow and flexibility with minimal kinking. The filters are hydrophobic and high flow for efficient filtration with maximum flow.

The EndoSI™ Suction / Irrigator Probe is a disposable suction irrigation device with an ergonomically designed rotating head. Suction Irrigation Probes and Wye Tubing Sets are offered in both the bag fluid and pump set configurations.


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